I believe an artist should employ the tools and techniques of a chosen medium with selected elements and principles of art to convey intention as well as to engage the viewer’s eye. A piece of art should be interesting to look at and should provide something to think about. Both of these purposes are important to me while I am creating an image. As I explore an idea I enjoy combining representational subjects with abstraction to expand the possibilities of visual expression. My prints contain narrative components but also invite comparisons and contrasts of the subject with other abstract elements in the composition. Sometimes these combinations are allegorical and sometimes they are purely visual. I encourage observers to come to their own conclusions and I favor loose associations over structured symbolism. Texture (both visual and conceptual) is important to me as I find variations in each create a more interesting visual and intellectual experience. The digital print processes which I use to create my images provide unique opportunities to manipulate size, texture, color, and transparency and are unavailable in any other print medium. Sometimes I combine traditional and digital printing techniques to produce my work. My images are printed using archival inks on 100% Cotton Rag Somerset paper and generally are produced in an edition of ten prints. Recently I have begun to hand bind my prints to create Artist Books which provide an extended dialogue of content which is not possible in a single print. While working in both Printmaking and Bookmaking I have discovered that I enjoy the diversity of expression that creating in multiple mediums provide. The Print and the Artist Book both offer unique opportunities for creative expression and while working with each I have enjoyed broadening my awareness of the specific capacities of each to communicate specific ideas.